J.C. Trident's core business is helping your company grow through the acquisition of superior talent. However, we offer more in depth consulting solutions to clients that require an outside perspective that goes beyond recruiting. In these cases, we offer our consulting services in three key areas: Distribution Consulting, Talent Acquisition and Continuity Consulting and Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Services.

Distribution Consulting

Our consulting practice is flexible in how it works with your company. If distribution is an issue at your firm, we should discuss a custom program to fit your specific situation. This could include our temporary sales management program so that rather than hiring a sales manager right out of the gate, a firm could engage the services of J.C. Trident to first evaluate the situation, lay the groundwork, begin the distribution efforts, and eventually hand off the baton to a full time sales manager. J.C. Trident can also help in developing new markets. If your firm is looking to penetrate the Broker Dealer, RIA, HNW, or Institutional Market, J.C. Trident can support these efforts.

Talent Acquisition and Continuity Consulting

Does your sales team or company experience constant turnover? Do you feel like you are consistently losing your top talent or up and coming leaders to your competitors? Are you having trouble hiring top talent?

We have spent the past 25 years talking to top performers in the industry learning what motivates them to stay with their companies currently and why they would consider making a change. We leverage this knowledge and take a comprehensive 360 degree view of your organization to diagnose what might be causing continuity problems. Our team will analyze everything including compensation, leadership, expectations, and culture to determine what might be limiting your company. We will also utilize our network to get additional perspectives on how your company is viewed in the industry by both your competition and prospective talent. After we conclude our analysis, we will meet with senior leaders of our team to provide our findings and discuss our recommendations moving forward.

M&A Consulting

Are you looking to take your company's growth to the next level through a strategic acquisition? Maybe you are interested in enjoying the fruits of your labor by selling your company. In either scenario, the process is both time-consuming and outside of your proverbial wheelhouse. Our team will work with your executive leadership to identify the profile of an ideal target for acquisition or buyer. We are able to provide an unparalleled level of service to you taking you from that first call through the closing of the transaction to ensure a smooth transition period.

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