Executive Recruiting

At JC Trident, our goal is to ensure that you don’t just hire someone to fill an open position, but to find the next high level impact member of your organization. Someone that will be a long-term leader of your team. In order to achieve this long lasting fit, we have developed a seven step recruiting system that allows us to tailor each search to the unique needs of our clients.

  • 1. Information Gathering- We meet with our clients multiple times to learn as much as possible about the position, what a successful hire looks like, and establish expectations for anyone that comes on board. At this stage, we also dive into our clients’ culture to make sure we understand the ideal makeup of a leader within our client’s organization.
  • 2. Profile Construction- Now that we have an idea of our clients’ needs, we construct a profile for the ideal candidate for the open position. We use this as a guide for our recruiting efforts.
  • 3. Candidate Mapping- We then put together potential candidates from a number of sources including: competitor research, referral networks, and our own network of candidates that we’ve developed over 25+ years.
  • 4. Screening- Once we have assembled the candidate list, they go through multiple levels of scrutiny to ensure proficiency in the role, interest, and cultural fit.
  • 5. Submission- We assemble a small list of the most qualified candidates that match our client’s needs, and send their profiles over for review.
  • 6. Facilitation- Once candidates have been submitted, our roles shift towards that of being a facilitator of the interview process. We are with our clients and prospective candidates every step of the way to minimize any potential pitfalls during the interview and offer process.
  • 7. Onboarding- After a new hire has accepted an offer, we help keep them engaged up to and through the start date. We aim to ensure as smooth a transition as possible during, what can be, an emotional time for your newest hire.

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